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Wedding trends every Bride should know for her Special Day

Wedding trends every Bride should know for her Special Day

September is already here …it’s the month that always brings new beginnings, new targets and new love stories… As the season change the trends for your wedding change too… if you have chosen 2020 to be your Wedding Year then you should have in mind all the latest trends.

1. Wedding Gowns vs Wedding Dress

If you are thinking of getting married and wondering about the options you have for your wedding dress forget everything you know up to know…you can choose in between many colors and different fabrics a gown for your very Special Day.  More and more brides are choosing to wear a wedding gown in blush blue or blush pink rather than a white wedding dress. We have also seen some brides as Sarah Jessica Parker and Avril Lavigne on total black and also some on red gowns… Go out there and choose what makes you happy brides to be; after all it’s your unique Wedding Day!!!

2. Eco friendly and sustainable Weddings

As things are changing on our planet there many couples considering helping the environment and tend to choose an eco-friendly wedding day. From flowers to dresses they choose natural products and recycled paper for their invitation, fresh flower for confetti, homemade and organic foods, and cutlery from bamboo products where the guests can take them home and used them again. This new trend started some years ago and lately there are more and more couples that they tend to prefer a greenery wedding to show their respect to our planet 

3. Minimalist Reception 

A reception full of flowers from the ceiling to all around the venue it reminds of another era latest trends shows that the couples chooses seasonal flowers lots of candlelight and  to create a romantic atmosphere, many décor items and they don’t tend to cover everything from top to toe with flowers. Simplicity and minimalism is a new rule every couple should follow.

4. Less is more for make-up and hair 

We don’t have to say a lot about it the more natural your look is that best photos you will  get. The look of natural look is getting higher and higher to the fashion industry. Choose natural and pastel tones on your wedding day and never use a heavy base or foundation. During the ceremony with all the crowd and lights and kisses from everyone you just need to enjoy and be beautiful, after all every bride is shiny and gorgeous on her very Special Day!

5. Walk down the aisle

And before you become Mrs. to your bae you should walk down the aisle. There are many different types of aisles, personalized or not, pure white or full of colors with the name of bride and groom and the wedding date, full of glitters for fairytales couples. Every bride feels special and loves to walk down the aisle where the groom is waiting for the big moment.

6. Trends on wedding cakes 

Choose a wedding cake that you and your bae love …forget about classic flavors and shapes. There are so many different choices to make when it comes to choose a cake it could be a marbled, full of flowers, hand painted or with figures fake or real. When you don’t agree with the groom for the shape and flavor remember that Mandy Moore had 12 wedding cakes on her Wedding Day and all the guests loved it. Choose your personal and everyone will be pleased..Duke and Duchess of Sussex they choose their favorite taste of lemon and elderflower confection cake… you should go for it and your guests will just love it!

7. Lights, lights and more lights

If you are thinking of a romantic outdoor or indoor reception lighting is one of the most important factors you should keep in mind… hanging lights is the trend that came to stay and decorate a lot of wedding days… it offers a very unique and romantic atmosphere when you decorate the ceiling or the trees with hanging garland lights. Using also a lot of natural candle lights will make your very Special day magical especially at the time as the sun goes down.

8. Fluffy Wedding bouquets

Forget the hanging loose long wedding bouquets…latest trends shows that pastel and fluffy wedding bouquets are the favorite of every bride … the fluffier the better …ask for a round bouquet with your favorite flower include pastel color and pampas grass to make it more fluffy and you are ready to through away the bouquet for the next bride to be…  

9. Bridal Gift Boxes

Imagine a wedding without a ring on your finger…this is impossible! Brides cannot resist to gift boxes from Miss to Mrs… every bride to be, has a right to treat herself with small gifts…so go for it…either you choose to receive your box every week   or every month …you will feel so pleased to unwrap your little gifts that will remind you of life changing and from single you will become a Mrs. and you will have a family yourself that there is no way not to make an order for this.

10. Balloon Decoration on your wedding day 

Many couples instead of flowers choose to decorate their venue with balloons … latest years balloons have a huge impact on the decoration of a venue. Either you use a confetti balloon or Mr & Mrs or personalized balloon you can use it to make different construction such as arches or define an aisle or hanging them from the ceiling or offer them to your guest to write your wedding wishes and then let them fly away on the blue sky… Balloons are making a big impression so choose your favorite colors and use them to décor your dream wedding.

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