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Wedding Décor Trends 2019 every Bride should go for it!!!

Wedding Décor Trends 2019 every Bride should go for it!!!

As we welcome New Year and many of you gorgeous ladies get a ring on your finger… we inform you with the latest trends that you don’t want to miss for a perfect Wedding Day in 2019!!!!

- Let’s begin with the invitation that defines the type of wedding will follow. Velvet invitations with gold painted letters are back in town to add an extra luxury on your wedding day... If you decide a bohemian style wedding combine a simple wedding with velvet linens details to create an unforgettable and stylish wedding day…

- Choice of colour … as every year pantone announced the colour of the year and the winner is: Pantone – Living Coral 16-1546. If you want to be sure that you follow trends around the world, choose a theme with Living coral color or add small details to highlight your Wedding Day!

- Interactive Food Station are one of the latest trends … guests nowadays enjoying interactive activities because it will bring them closer, thus  it’s easier to meet and introduce with new people. Choose live actions catering services and your guest will be thrilled to create their own flavors and at the same time to meet new people.

- Pampas grass wedding décor :The trend started last year and will continue on and on …Just to remind you on Mandy Moore’s wedding, she walked through an aisle decorated full of pink pampas grass. Use it and match it with any other flower to add a high aesthetic décor details on your venue.  If it’s windy create confetti of pampas grass and everyone is going to be amazed!

- Seating cards and signs tend to be more personalized and innovating, adding an extra fancy mood on your wedding day …brides …get creative and use spraying leaves with your guests names on it or a seating chart with all the guests photos and table numbers. Everyone will appreciate  that you took the time to prepare personal details for your guests.

 Contact us to plan together your dreamy wedding in Greece and be sure that all the latest trends will be matched on a perfect scenery that will create an "always to remember" Wedding Day!!! 

Photos: Pinterest and private library