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VV Luxury Events collaboration with Eleni Kyriacou fashion designer

VV Luxury Events collaboration with Eleni Kyriacou fashion designer

We are thrilled to announce our collaboration with the talented and famous conceptual designer Eleni Kyriacou, a London born Greek-Cypriot.

Eleni is a very passionate and creative designer and she is the current costume designer of the Lighting of the Olympic Flame Ceremonies held for all Olympic Games since Rio 2016.

Eleni studied architecture and textile design and throughout the years became a very innovative and conceptual designer.  Her sensibilities are often conveyed via her use of texture and she is inspired by Greek antiquity. She has a tremendous power to transform every textile into a new dimension, creating wearable and contemporary clothes and accessories, which always have a touch of elegance.

We were excited to meet Eleni Kyriacou at her atelier and discuss every detail of her inspiration… Through our discussion… a great idea was born… why not create ancient themes for destination photo-shoots or even better for Destination Weddings in Greece!!!?

If you have seen the film Troy, 300 or Hercules and felt enthused you might like to choose Greece for your Destination Wedding..

Imagine yourself as a Greek goddess, your bridesmaids as muses and nymphs, your Leonidas is waiting for you holding the strongest sign of fertility and peace in his hands - an olive wedding bouquet … You are walking down the aisle amidst Doric architecture and you are wearing a crown of olive-gold wreath… there is a gentle air that comes all the way through the sea that pierces your body as you are closer to your other half… You can’t feel more blessed than you do for this unforgettable experience.

Contact us to take care of every little detail for a conceptual photo-shoot or a Destination Wedding in Greece. We will offer our services from A-Z from the wedding dress designed by Eleni Kyriacou, to the scenery set up to create the amazing experience of Greek hospitality for your guests, to a magical wedding service, to a unique sunset reception. We are committed to bringing your wildest dream to life… especially if your dreams are inspired by Greece!

Photo credits: Dimitris Trιantafyllou & Dimitris Giavasis