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Time to choose your wedding cake

Time to choose your wedding cake

The wedding cake is one of the most important parts of your wedding day; you can consider it something like the “logotype” of your wedding reception!!! It is the part that establishes the style and taste of the couple. The meaning of the wedding cake has a long history, but the commonest one is that they symbolize virginity and purity of the bride. The process for the cut of the wedding cake is the following: The groom will place his hand above the bride’s hand and together they will cut the first piece of the wedding cake. After that the couple will share the first piece of cake. The cutting of the wedding cake and the following process symbolizes the union of the couple and the commitment to provide for each other.The selection of a wedding cake is always a couple’s personal matter…

In our days, the couple is able to choose from a variety of designs and flavors. It could be a heart-shaped cake, or beach-themed, hanging cake or a creative and elegant wedding cake, or individual cupcakes, with butter cream or chocolate or strawberries or any other flavor!

The experts of VV Luxury Events will deliver any kind of wedding cake to you that will match your style and favor…from mini cup cakes to enormous and beautiful wedding cakes from geometrical shapes to blue, purple, white, metallic or any other color you like, from hand painted to flowers and fruity cakes… what we can promise is a wedding cake in any style and flavor you have ever dreamt about, that will blow up the senses in your mouth!!!!!