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Online Wedding Planning Services for your perfect Greek Destination Wedding!

Online Wedding Planning Services for your perfect Greek Destination Wedding!

Dear friends and lovely couples

Due to all those challenging times that humanity faces with coronavirus effect we hope that everyone is safe and that the most important part thing is to keep you healthy and happy in all those difficult weeks that every couple going through… 

Even though the idea planning your own dream wedding sounds so exciting …trust us when we say that planning is a full time job… and it can be stressful when it comes to what you should do first. As the wedding industry becomes more and more popular and an average of 2,4 million marriages happened every year only in the US , a revenue expected to hit 72 billion by 2021. There are a lot of things changing every year in the process of planning a wedding, different trends and innovative new approaches enter the industry.  Wedding planning is one of the most vital services to use when it comes to organise and design your unique special day. However there is a huge amount of couples approximately 80 per cent that they are not able to afford a wedding planner.

Every couple wants to impress their guests with their creativity and style and plan an unforgettable wedding day along with a planner, however for most of the couples the cost is forbidden to hire a professional and plan a dreamy day with no stress.

This leads us to a big brain teaser on how we will be able to assist those couples, sharing our professional experience with them and offer to them the opportunity to have an expert by their side that will support them during the whole process of wedding planning preparation without an extreme cost. As webinars and online programmes are on our everyday use we have created an online process that will offer you all the support and experience you need from a high qualified planner to design a Greek Destination Wedding Day.

The online wedding planning program includes everything from A-Z for the smooth operation of a perfect wedding day, instructions, budget templates, mood boards, venue, suppliers selection  and personal online meetings will help you to start a stress free and enjoyable process till your very special wedding day in Greece.

Contact us info@vvluxevents.com  to receive all the details of our new innovative online program and  let’s design together your dreamy Destination Wedding Day in Greece.