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How to choose flowers for your wedding decoration

How to choose flowers for your wedding decoration

Finally you have said the desired …I DO…. and now you are preparing for your special day ….

Οne of the most important parts of your wedding is when you have to choose flowers for your wedding bouquet and decoration!

You might think it’s an easy decision but it’s not …we will give you some tips that will make your life so much easier and help you reach the final decision…

A good option is to choose seasonal flowers that you can find them all over and this will prevent you from spending thousands on decoration. Try to match the seasonal flowers of your wedding bouquet with the rest of the venue decoration so that a feeling of harmony may be available to you and your guests. You may also consider combining flowers with candles to create a more romantic atmosphere.

The choice of your reception area will point out your final decision of the color and style of flowers… Always choose to combine two flower colors, with a neutral base, that will match the theme of your whole wedding and the reception area. If you need to add an extra touch try to use brighter and darker shades of your basics colors.  Be careful not to use different kind of colors of flowers, if you want the result to be an elegant and stylish decoration

Shapes and size of flowers is another tip you want to consider; you don’t want to put big shaped flowers on small areas and vice versa. In case that your venue is open-air make sure that the flowers you choose will last and won’t get fennel during your reception, this is something that you also need to pay attention, if you chose to have a beach wedding .

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