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Destination Wedding in Hydra island

Destination Wedding in Hydra island

Hydra is one of the Saronic Islands of Greece, located in the Aegean Sea between the Saronic Gulf and the Argolic Gulf. It is separated from the Peloponnese by narrow strip of water and it's really near to Athens just an hour and a half away from the port of Piraeus.

What makes Hydra special is the complete lack of vehicles. People use donkeys and water taxis as means of transport. But usually most people walk everywhere because everything is so near. Another thing that makes Hydra special is it's unique architecture, obvious everywhere you can look–from the 18th Century mansions to the governmental buildings.

You can stay in one of the renovated mansions having a breathtaking view to the sea and have also there and your wedding reception. Most of these aristocratic mansions have incredible gardens ideal for a dream garden wedding.

Hydra is wealthy island and a popular yachting destination. Here you can combine history, tradionality, romantic dinners, beachside party atmosphere and a luxury feel from another era!

Contact the experts of VV Luxury Events that are ready to plan and set up the perfect scenery, anywhere you are dreaming to host your wedding and your celebration: an unforgettable, elegant, romantic, extraordinary, special dream day at the most beautiful locations in Greece that meet the highest standards! Pure perfection!


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Tips for picking out the right wedding shoes...

Tips for picking out the right wedding shoes...

When it comes to walking around the market for picking up your wedding shoes …there are several things you should consider…Check out some tips that will save you time, make your life easier and your feet happier on your wedding day...

First of all, you need to choose a pair of shoes the right size for your feet. Many women think that if they get a slightly bigger size, they will feel more comfortable… but, this will not help you… If the shoes are feeling loose on your feet, they may end up flying on any of your guest head and this is something you need to avoid…

Remember: the most important thing is to feel comfortable in your shoes… Never choose high heels you are not able to walk properly on… If you are not used to wearing high heels, choose a stable pair with straps or with a secure hold to add more balance to your walk. 

In case your dream wedding dress is a long one, full of tulle and embroidery materials, try to combine it with a pair of shoes with soft fabric. Never choose a pair full of gems with long wedding dresses; this will increase the possibility for it to get caught somewhere and destroy your wedding dress or your shoes.

Depending on the season and your weight, the shape of your feet is changing; for your own comfort, you should choose to buy your pair approximately a month before the wedding day. Always wear your shoes at home, before the big day, in order to shape and adjust them to your walking habits.

Make sure that you have checked the venue policy before you buy your wedding pair, many venues ban high heels in order to protect their floor. 

Tip for that: use protector heels for both an indoor and an outdoor wedding reception. 

If you want to make a “statement” with your shoes do not be afraid to choose a colorful pair that will match the rest of your wedding theme.

The experts of VV luxury Events have chosen some of their favorite designer shoes, offering inspiration and fresh ideas for the "Brides to be"...!!!


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Wedding invitation, favors & Thank you gifts

Wedding invitation, favors & Thank you gifts

You choose Greece for your Special so which is the best way to invite your bff…you will send an envelope to your friends ….as they open it, there is an air ticket invitation for your destination wedding in Greece…just imagine the reaction of your beloved ones …screaming , smiling …crying for your happiness , even some anxiety for the day to come….

Every celebration needs to have its own style, personality and the couple’s aura!!!

Invitations are the first impression when you organize a celebration; it is the very first feeling that you create for your friends and relatives for the upcoming events.

It should be a special design for each couple and it should always be a match with the rest of the wedding theme. If you are looking for a clever and elegant invite with a sense of humor and a touch of luxury, we can all combine them and create a unique style invitation.

By following your own personal style and combining your needs, VV Luxury Events will design the most interesting love story to tell in order to invite your friends to an unforgettable fairytale wedding in the most magical location in Greece. We are more than positive that a smile will light up your guests’ face as soon as they receive and open the invitation.

Wedding favors and thank-you gifts will match to the design of the whole set up and will be a memory to keep, reminding your guests of the most special day of your life. Together we will find the perfect gift for your guest’s, inspirational favors, which will always remind to you and your guests your destination fairytale wedding day in Greece.


Just imagine elegant and precious designs that will have 5 candies (or more) to symbolize health, wealth, fertility, happiness and longevity or a packagewith traditional greek products to treat your lovely guests and various  inspirational ideas tailor-made just for you and your beloved ones.

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Top 3 Destination Weddings in Greece

Top 3 Destination Weddings in Greece

Greece is a country well known for many things but mostly for its beautiful and historical mainland and islands....In Greece you are able to plan any kind of weddings or any other social event anywhere you can imagine.Providing many choices sunny beaches for your renewal vows, garden reception weddings, wineries for unforgettable moments, private villas for parties and anything you can dream off can be arranged here in our amazingly versatile country.

VV Luxury Events propose you the best 3 Greek destinations to host your fairytale wedding or any other social event:

1. The capital of Greece, Athens is an easygoing town for either summer or winter weddings. It offers a combination of easily reachable destination for you and your guests and has the capability to host the smallest to the largest social events. With many sightseeing opportunities, villas, fabulous resorts and great service facilities. Sandy beaches to wine estates or a venue with breathtaking views to create a dreamy background for your fairytale wedding. Take your guest to the Acropolis,Temple of Poseidon or enable them to wander through the alleys of Plaka.  An ideal concept is a combination of a pre wedding party or bachelorette in Athens and then to host your wedding, a short distance from the capital, on an island such as Spetses, Poros, Hydra or Aegina. Creating the most fabulous memories for both you and your guests.

2. Claiming the largest Caldera in the world… traditional villages and colorful beaches, Santorini is the one of the most well known destinations for unforgettable weddings… and the most famous from the cycladic islands. The theatrical architecture of the island with hyposkafa build into the mountainside and cubical houses build of stone on the very edge of the Caldera create a magical scenery…breathtaking views from everywhere in Oia Thira and Firostefani making Santorini one of the most desired destinations… It is one  place of the world where your guests will be continually impressed and in awe, since wherever you choose to go there is something to take your breath away... Santorini is a jewel sitting waiting for you in the middle of the sparkling aqua Aegean you will make unforgettable memories and enjoy a superb romantic wedding…!!!

3. Spetses is the mythical island of the Argosaronic Gulf that manages to attract many rich and famous and Royalty… Just 3 hours from the capital, Spetses is the ideal location for glamorous weddings.... Crystal waters, beautiful beaches, vibrant nightlife, romantic horse-drawn carriages, to name a few of what Spetses has to offer, making it a famous destination in Greece for lavish weddings! Spetses is the hidden treasure home of the famous Poseidonion hotel and port of super yachts leisurely float next to traditional boats… The royal wedding of  Prince Nikolaos and Tatiana Blatnik took place here and many other famous weddings, such as the four day wedding celebration of Atalanti Martinos and Ntinos Kokkalis from the rekowned shipping families. Consider Spetses Island the ideal location for luxurious and elegant weddings. 

Choose Greece for your destination love story and rely on the experts of VV LUXURY EVENTS to design a complete bespoke service for your wedding, that includes everything from A-Z the initial idea and the design stage, to the ideal location, the planning, co-coordinating and managing of your special day to make it perfect for you.



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How to choose flowers for your wedding decoration

How to choose flowers for your wedding decoration

Finally you have said the desired …I DO…. and now you are preparing for your special day ….

Οne of the most important parts of your wedding is when you have to choose flowers for your wedding bouquet and decoration!

You might think it’s an easy decision but it’s not …we will give you some tips that will make your life so much easier and help you reach the final decision…

A good option is to choose seasonal flowers that you can find them all over and this will prevent you from spending thousands on decoration. Try to match the seasonal flowers of your wedding bouquet with the rest of the venue decoration so that a feeling of harmony may be available to you and your guests. You may also consider combining flowers with candles to create a more romantic atmosphere.

The choice of your reception area will point out your final decision of the color and style of flowers… Always choose to combine two flower colors, with a neutral base, that will match the theme of your whole wedding and the reception area. If you need to add an extra touch try to use brighter and darker shades of your basics colors.  Be careful not to use different kind of colors of flowers, if you want the result to be an elegant and stylish decoration

Shapes and size of flowers is another tip you want to consider; you don’t want to put big shaped flowers on small areas and vice versa. In case that your venue is open-air make sure that the flowers you choose will last and won’t get fennel during your reception, this is something that you also need to pay attention, if you chose to have a beach wedding .

VV Luxury Events can design and organize for you the perfect wedding reception, with the best professionals to create fabulous wedding bouquet combine it with the perfect scenery decoration. 


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