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Begin the decade with a perfect New Year’s Eve Party …!!!

Begin the decade with a perfect New Year’s Eve Party …!!!

There is nothing better than welcome the new decade along with family and friends. If you have not chosen a perfect party at a hotel where everything will be settled for you and you will enjoy every minute of it …find 10 tips to help you put together an amazing countdown celebration.

Tip #1 Invitation 

Match a New Year’s theme invitation with a design that will offer your guests all the details need it…what time, which address, what to expect and what to wear on your fantastic party at home…!!!

Tip #2 Budget

Break down your budget… decide how much money you would like to spend and how many guests you will have at your event. According to your budget you will decide if you will cook at home or find a caterer to serve you … if you will hire a Dj or you will create a music list and in general the break out of your budget will set you up for the kind of celebration that you will offer.

Tip #3 Research

Research the market and find offers for all the things you want to include to your special celebration… internet offers will help you to decide and will offer you an idea of the cost for décor items, gifts etc

Tip #4 Set Up for the area

Decide the area of the house that will host your countdown celebration… be prepared to remove furniture’s in order to give a different set up, you have to keep in mind that your guests should feel comfortable. They should all have a place to rest if you will chose a seated dinner or you should create a dance floor if you will decide you want to party hard…

Tip #5 Find a theme 

It will be much easier for you to plan a fabulous event if you have a specific theme to create… Based on the theme you will add all the appropriate décor items to amaze your guests …Bubbles countdown, Disco and Gatsby themes are the most famous one for Christmas and New Year’s Eve celebrations. Be creative and come up with any theme that will suit your personality… pick your favourite town or a song or a movie and use your imagination to create a stylish event.

Tip #6 Decoration 

Decoration is the most important part to impress your guests … find DIY ideas to create props for the party, decorate all the areas that your guests will visit. You don’t have to exaggerate just add little things that will remind to your guests the theme of the party all the time. Printable cards, designed cookies or a full candy bar with themed mottos, use ice cube with misled toes for all over the place are useful ideas to upgrade your special celebration.

Tip #7 Food and Services

Everyone will follow up your decision on what kind of food will be served on your event. Please have in mind that you should consider your guests dietary requirement,  ask them if they are vegan or they would like Halal or any other kind of meal they will feel grateful and happy to be a part of your party. Decide on a finger food, a buffet style or a seated menu based on the budget and the services you would like to offer. It would be nice to hire a bartender and one or two people to serve your guests so that you will feel free to communicate and party yourself as well… after all it is also your Celebration…!

Tip #8 Music

Music is one of the most vital parts for a successful party. Make sure that you will pick a specific kind of music that everyone is listening. If you are not aware of sonal Libraryeveryone’s taste in music just start your welcome with an easy going  but well known lounge music. if you have  a Dj just advise him with a list of 10-15 songs that you would love to hear during your party and he/she will realise exactly the kind of music your guests would love to hear. If you have to create a list by yourself to be an the safe side choose famous and well known singers that everyone will know and make a mix of successful songs from older to the latest years. Make sure to prepare a mix of dancing music for at least 3 hours. Party hard and everyone will follow if you are feeling great your guests will get the positive vibes and will follow you…  

Tip #9 Turn off the lights 

A tradition coming through the years… turn off the light and give everyone a moment to say a proper goodbye to the year to go and turn off the lights with spreading wishes kisses and hugs to welcome the new year that just arrived…

Tip #10 Sparkling countdowns 

Wear your best mood and have sparkle all around the place …you might won’t use fireworks but there are a lot of pop ups that will spread around sparkle after the minute of the new decade will enter…smile, dance, love and enjoy every minute of your Life …May this year will bring you all the Sparkle of the world to you and your beloved family and friends…!!!

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