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About Us

We make your fantasy come true by personalizing and designing luxurious and unique destination events in breathtaking places all over Greece

VV Luxury Events is the outcome of Vicky’s passion and experience. Expert in this field, she founded a destination event company based on unlimited services! Vicky a career woman who has worked for years and excelled as an event and sales manager, she has participated in ministerial meetings and exhibitions, worked as events and operation executive at the Olympic Games, in Athens (2004), Beijing (2008), London (2012) and, what is more, she has a vast knowledge of the fashion industry.

When she decided to start this company she had one thing in mind, to offer nothing but the best: to create and design luxurious destination weddings and high quality social and corporate events not only in Athens but all over Greece.

Whether it is the planning of a destination wedding, or the arrangement of business meetings, incentives or exhibition booths, she will carry out everything to the minutest detail.

Why choose VV Luxury Events

The answer is simple: because this company is a reliable event organizer with years of experience in the competitive Greek market and we share the need for perfection.

With flexible skills and the knowledge to avoid or manage any unexpected difficulties that may concern your social or business event.

Always offer you the services we promise.

VV Luxury Events cater for all tastes, whether you opt for an extravaganza or you decide to go for a more low-profile event. We are professionals and, what is more, we offer our services all over Greece and, thanks to our interpersonal skills and experience, we have a huge network of the best in each field.

If you are planning a Destination Event in Greece, VV Luxury Events will take care of everything. After all, it is your BIG Event and you want it to be perfect.

Book now for a stress-free, memorable, destination wedding or event! The only thing you should do is relax by enjoying the whole preparation process and leave the rest to us.