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5 Reasons to choose A Luxury Villa for a Dreamy Wedding Day in Greece!

5 Reasons to choose A Luxury Villa for a Dreamy Wedding Day in Greece!

You have a ring on your finger and you have decided for a Destination wedding in Greece…can you think of a better place to host your special day than a Luxury Private Villa…one thing we can assure you…is that all of your guests will “fly up to the sky” when you will do the announcement…

 Find below the 5 most important reasons to plan your Special Day on a Luxury Private Estate! 

Privacy and Exclusivity: When you will travel to host a Destination wedding you have already decided on a smaller more intimate wedding.  Spending time with your bae but also with family and close friends is always a Plus to experience all the services at a maximum level. It is so much nicer to have a wedding on a private area where you will be surrounded by your loved ones and the romance of your love story will be spread all around the atmosphere!

Spectacular Area: You can choose a Private Villa with a contemporary design or a more traditional architecture, one with wonderful private areas or one with high ceilings and more romantic atmosphere.  There are countless choices for every taste and you will get whatever you have dreamed of… for an unforgettable Wedding Day!

Outdoor space and indoors relaxation: When you decide to celebrate your wedding in a Private Villa there so many different options for the setup, dreamy gardens, Infinity pool areas, lounge seating areas, picturesque terraces, luxurious indoor areas and many more options. One of the most important factors is that the outdoor areas most of the times can be so inspiring for wedding planners to design a transformation concept for your Wedding Day.

Unique Services: This is what a private villa brings over the table, based on your own type of personality and always in cooperation with your planner your wedding day can be transformed into an amazing event. Entertainers, performers, caterers and florists can all be on hand for memorable and unique events. 

Everything in one place:  Before your wedding day there is a lot of stress for the preparation.  Having everything gathered under the same roof will help you enjoying every moment of preparation stress free. All the makeup hairdressing and operation will run smoothly since there will be no movements at all. Another added value is that at the same time you can capture every little moment with all your beloved ones. 

Imagine you are walking down the aisle, your groom is waiting for you in front of a breathtaking scenery, there are smiles all over the faces of your family and friends and you are sharing all of your most important moments of your Wedding Day with everyone, having the most spectacular services on a private and luxurious villa in Greece. 

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