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Παρέχουμε αμέτρητες υπηρεσίες και με πλήρη συνέπεια κι επαγγελματισμό συνεχίζουμε εκεί που οι υπόλοιποι σταματάνε

Plans are nothing, planning is everything
― Albert Einstein

As a guest invited to a wedding in Athens where it was planned by VV luxury Events there are no words to describe how beautiful and planned everything was...

We had such a great time from the private terrace party to the wedding .

The excellence of services on planning, decoration, catering Dj's, lighting, favors  during the wedding ceremony and reception were unbelievable..

I would definitely recomend them uncoditionally if you are looking for professional elegant events!

― Afroditi Kessidi

We were absolutely delighted with the thematic party "Elsa Frozen", that Vicky from VVLuxEvents organised for our little princess Despina. Apart from great decoration,tasteful catering and extraordinary Frozen cake, there was a proffesional animateur with songs dance, games and many other activities. The kids had great time and the parents enjoying every minute. A big Thank you for all the help      

― Katerina Papadopoulos

From all respects impeccable and in my case as the time was limited everything was organized perfectly to the smallest detail !!!! A big thank you to Vicky for our Flamingoes theme Christening of our little princess ... we wouldn't have make it with out you!!!




― Eleni Stathopoulou

There are no words to describe how grateful we are that we choose VV luxury events to plan our special Day...!

Vicky is so much more than a wedding/event planner... she is a true friend and by the end of our wedding we consider her a part of our family for the rest of our lives ...

She is very professional and all her experience, knowledge, support and dedication  to everything from A - Z are amazing... Not to mention the value for money ...Every guest congratulate us for our "Royal  Wedding"...

You have been awesome since day one!!!

A huge thank you for everything.

zoe & Jafar

― Zoe Papanikolaou

Everything was so beautiful and well organized did an amazing job from decoration and candlelights to saxophone player and fireworks ...everything was magical .... we will never forget this wedding...!!!!

For sure will choose you for  any upcoming event...!!!

― Stelina Casimati

Vicky is one of the most positive and warm personalities I have ever met in my life. She has great communication skills and she is a great team builder. She is able to handle multiple tasks at the same time with great success

― Michael Niotis

Vicky is a very communicative, professional, creative, reliable and dedicated at her work person. It is always a pleasure working with her

― Kosmas Prassas